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Patty Cake Academy, Inc. is a licensed child care center that has been servicing the Birmingham, AL metropolitan area since 1995. The center offers two locations and accepts children ages 6 weeks to 12 yearsWe currently care for 180 children in our day care and pre-school programs, and 80 children in our after-school program. Both of the Patty Cake Academy locations provide adequate educational programs designed to prepare children for continuous education in both public and private sectors. 

Our Curriculum


At Patty Cake Academy, Inc. we use a Pre K Readiness curriculum developed by our staff to educate our children. Through Pre K Readiness, Patty Cake Academy children are provided that consist of cumulative skills taught from birth to 5 years of age. Our curriculum is designed to help encourage and strengthen language development, reasoning skills, cognitive awareness, math, and social skills. Lesson plans are prepared and given to teachers in an effort to give teachers enough time to approve the plan and prepare a teaching roadmap.


​Our Staff

The staff of Patty Cake Academy consists of degreed and certified staff who receives on-going training in Early Childhood Development. Every child care provider in all of our facilities are CPR Certified by the state of Alabama, and well qualified to provide exceptional care to children. Each facility houses a Director, an Assistant Director, designated teachers, and teachers' aides. We also have an active Chief Operations manager who is on-site daily to oversee the activities of each facility.

In The



"Establishing the conditions that promote successful educational achievement for children begins before birth and continues into the early elementary school years."

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  • Provides long-term benefits.

  • Makes economic sense.

  • Helps eliminate grade repetition.

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Has offered a state-funded pre-K program since the year 2000. The state's goal is to have one pre-K class in each county. To date, classrooms are available in 94% of counties.

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